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TFit Sizzler

TFit Sizzler

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12 Week Plan - TFit  Sizzler.                                                                                              8 Weeks In My Female Online Coaching Group                 Weekly Checks/ Mindset Work/ Flexible Dieting/ Over 450 Food Plans/ Food Shops / Recipes & Live Workouts . Included My 4 Weeks Plan Extreme30 Ebook - (FREE Booklet Included)    (FREE Glute Band & Pop Socket - Free Postage)

Got a holiday coming up?
Simply wanting to challenge yourself physically & mentally.

Maybe it’s clothes that don't fit right?

Wasting too much time on social media, drinking alcohol weekly or simply stuck in a rut?

This plan is designed to help you take control & create a positive impact on your life! We achieve this by focusing on you mentally & taking your physique from one EXTREME PLAN to the other in just 30days.

Rules 30 days - 30 Workouts 

  • No alcohol 
  • 7-9 hours sleep 
  • 1 act of kindness daily 
  • 10mins reading morning & 10mins in evening
  • Listen to 1 podcast daily 
  • No social media by 9pm 
  • Steps daily 

What’s included 

  • Ebook sent in email (4 week plan)
  • Free Ebook booklet also
  • I’ll give you macros to follow
  • Access to my female online group coaching (8 week plan with check ins)
  • With over 400 food plans/ recipes 
  • Flexible dieting - balance/ lifestyle 
  • Weekly check ins to monitor your progress
  • Daily targets for your steps
  • Daily water intake and a few other things 
  • All 30 workouts are included in the pack
  • This is a 12 week program for you to follow

Ready for change?

Get started. 

Talithafit 💜

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