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Epic 28 Day Shred - Home Edition Ebook

Epic 28 Day Shred - Home Edition Ebook

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Are you ready for the Epic 28day Challenge?

Let’s see what you can achieve within 28days!

When purchasing this is ebook, in the 'Order special instructions' box in your cart put your current weight / height/ age & I will calculate and send your macros/calories for you.

Remember to take your weight + measurements + pictures each week to monitor your progress.

**Disclaimer: This program is not sustainable long term.**

What to expect

•Cardio + steps + abs to be completed daily throughout the 28 days

•4 workouts each week

•Each week gets tougher

•3 example food plans to show what a full day of eating can look like

The Ebook is yours to keep & do as many times as you like.

Don't forget to tag me on your Instagram stories and send your start & end pictures.

30days - 30 Meal Plans Ebook included 

I have created this so you can simply choose a meal plan & follow all the tracking is already done for you, if your unsure of tracking this removes the stress from doing it. For me it’s teaching clients balance / lifestyle so your enjoying foods you like, allowing for treats in moderation (chocolate/ meals out/ alcohol) without being restricted.

There may be an element of having to adjust some plans to your own personalised macros.

If you aren’t already a client, purchase this drop a message into the comment section on your order & I’ll discuss your macros for you.


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