LET'S TRAIN TOGETHER - I've started group fitness classes!

LET'S TRAIN TOGETHER - I've started group fitness classes!

Did you know that group exercise is one of the most effective ways to get fit, lose weight, build a better body and sustain a healthy lifestyle?

Find out why below! 

If you haven’t tried it before, you really are missing out and how by including group exercise as part of your exercise programme you can reap the rewards!

The really real benefits of group exercise:

1) You get a qualified fitness expert at your disposal

Possibly the best thing about group exercise is the very fact it is led by a professional! Unlike going solo in the gym or at home, attending a class is the next best thing to having a personal trainer, making it a really affordable way to spend time with someone who can help you achieve your fitness and better body goals!

2) You can get more bang for your £

What do I mean by this? Well attending a group exercise class may make you work harder. Studies show that the combination of a teacher shouting (I mean gently encouraging you) from the front and peoples natural competitiveness, means that group exercise attendees push harder when working out in a class than if doing so alone. It’s a lot harder to skip that last few reps or go slow when others are there doing the same workout.

3) There is a lower risk of injury

With a trained professional watching over they can correct poor technique – this is especially beneficial in classes where you lift weights or perform very specific postures.

4) It’s super easy

Because someone else is responsible for planning the workout you don’t have to think about a thing – simply turn up, follow the instructions and leave. Workout done!

5) There's camaraderie between participants

Regular attendance at classes allows people to build up camaraderie and even friendships with fellow class mates - they can become like a tribe to you, and it is great to enjoy the experience with like minded people.

This is not only a nice support network but great for keeping you on the straight and narrow – because just at that time when you're thinking about cancelling you think A) I don’t want to let them down, and B) I don’t want them to know I’ve cancelled!

6) It adds huge variety to your workout

When left to your own devices in the gym or at home you can find yourself doing the same thing over and over. With classes you can try a variety of different workouts.

7) It's great for everyone – whatever their fitness level

Firstly, group exercise classes are for different levels.

You can take the class at your pace and there are modifications of many exercises to cater for recovery, fitness level etc. Pretty much every class can be adapted for different abilities. Instructors will know who is new in a class or who is more advanced and will demonstrated different moves for everyone, and at the end of the day you are always totally in control of your own workout, so simply stick to what is within your ability, taking the opportunity to challenge yourself and improve class by class.

8) You get a higher endorphin output

The entire experience of a group exercise class can lead to higher endorphin release than with other exercise. Endorphins are those feel-good hormones and the combine effect of the music, the teacher leading you through a routine, the effort you put in and the fact you are in a group of people doing exercise, helps your body to release more! It’s why you come out of a class really buzzing. Try it if you don’t believe me – it feels great!

9) You don’t have to know what you are doing

Group exercise classes are designed by professionals to get results, so it really doesn’t matter if you don’t know your gluteus maximus from your tricep, or which exercises are best for burning fat or building muscles, simply speak to the instructor, tell them your goals and they can tell you which class will help you achieve them – then you just rock up and follow the instructor at the front. Easy right?

10) There are hidden incentives to make you go

By booking or paying in advance you have extra reason to attend – this is a good practice to get in to anyway, as the fact you are booked can help make you go even when you are feeling like quitting. Also paying a membership fee or for a class in advance can also help keep you on the straight and narrow, as not going makes you feel like you are wasting money.

11) It's fun

This probably should have been number one in the list! Working out alone at home or in the gym can sometimes feel like a drag, but a group exercise class is always fun. You will find the hour flies past and you'll be smiling and high-fiving with everyone while you celebrate that you completed the workout.

How can it not be? You are listening to great music in a group of people while releasing feel good endorphins – it's like a little mini party – ok there may not be cake or alcohol, but you will be burning calories almost without realising it while enjoying yourself. Woo hoo!

Monday 3rd October 2022 was the start of my own fitness class that I’ll be running from now on. Sign-ups will be taken on a monthly basis, to register for the next please see below 👇

Location - Academy sports club, Mallusk Road, Newtownabbey, BT36 4QE

When - Monday nights 

Time - 7pm - 8pm

Cost £6 per class (paid up front in month blocks) 

Registration send me a DM on Instagram @talitha_fit

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